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Shipping Terms

Please note before ordering the following items

Shipping areas

When ordering, please select from the shipping areas to the existing cities in the list. A city that is not on the list can not be ordered to.

Even if you managed to enter the address but chose the wrong city, an order will not be placed. If you are not sure that we will send to your city, contact us on WhatsApp or an email before.

Sidewalk delivery

The deliveries leave in a large van. The courier is parked under the building and up to the house. If it is a busy area, he will contact the recipient and meet him downstairs.

Deliveries depart between 10:00 and 17:00

It is not possible to choose an exact delivery time, yes we can specify a preferred time and we will try as much as possible.

No warning before arrival

If no one accepts the order, we will place it at the door. In case there is no possibility of delivery from the sidewalk, the courier will return to the store and it will be possible to pick up or pay for delivery again.

Towers - the delivery will reach the guardian of the building with a note of the name of the recipient and an apartment.

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