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Make money from balloon designs

10 Right Steps to Enjoyingand Profiting from a Business          Balloons are successful and easy to operate

  • Earn at least 15,000 shekels a month as additional or main income

  • Work your time without a boss on your head — even just an hour a day

  • Engage in a profession that is fun to get up for in the morning

  • Start working together with your regular job and earn great cash on the side

  • You do not have to be a great sage or prior knowledge to make money — and a lot

  • Do not let others say you can not succeed alone, it's bullshit they just want you to succeed less than them.

  • When you are someone's employee you build your dreams while he is resting

  • Be yourself the boss of yourself and take the money to you, he is yours!

Dear employee,

Do you feel you can succeed in your own business but just do not understand how and do not know what?

Tired of burning your life at work while others have fun with family and travel abroad?

Do you want to work in something that I will hire will excite you, that you will have fun getting up in the morning to and not just because you want to make more money but because we did not come into this world to be someone's slave for almost 10 hours of our life a day that is almost 200 hours a month? I understand you.

I was exactly where you are. I worked at sushi, cleaned tables, got sucks treatment from clients for a minimum wage and worst of all no one believed I could do anything with myself ..

Until I learned the secret to earning 15,000 shekels and more every month! Without a boss and at one hour a day!

This secret made me financially free, free in time, an expert in my field, and of course anyone who thought I could not now turn to me for help ...

Today I want to give you this secret, that you can use and come out great..including ..

צילום מסך 2021-09-22 ב-20.57.15.png

I'll tell you how I turned balloons into a business that earns me while working 1 day what I earned as an employee in 10 hours of work

The 3 secrets that made me rent a sushi bar at a minimum wage and zero free time for myself  For a freelancer who works an hour a day and enjoys with family friends and flights abroad in my spare time! Without a complicated business plan and brain-straight confusion and to the point! 

'Business Designer Method'  To start a balloon design business  Who works and earns instantly! Techniques I learned from years of trial and error and it cost me a lot of money to get to them ...

The patents that helped me increase

Revenue at 500% percent,

Work secrets that placed my business in the first place successfully in balloon designs in the country.

We will not learn nonsense here-

Just designs that are  Sales guns that will close deals for you easily!

Join me for a 100% free balloon workshop — in the next video

One last thing, I only have one condition to start becoming independent-

Pay attention to the workshop in the video . If you really want it wholeheartedly, take a moment to disconnect from the kids' instincts and phones and enter with me into the world of balloon designs and true economic freedom

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How it works
Video Courses

We have come this far, and we are already in a good relationship (:  I enjoyed sharing my journey with you and I am sure I have aroused your motivation and desire to devour the world and start your first step in a world of independence, art, pleasure and of course money!

A whole year of Lauren University!
(The only course you need to start a successful balloon business!)

  • The business designer method - my unique method in which you will learn:

  • Who are the best and cheapest suppliers

  • What equipment to buy and what just a waste of money
    What are the best-selling designs
    What balloons to buy
    Which gas cylinders should be bought
    How to price correctly You will earn and maintain a level
    How to inflate all types of balloons

    How each balloon behaves
    How to use blowers of all kinds

  • Behavior in front of customers

  • Who is the best target audience (best payer treats best)           And who to avoid

  • How to talk to a customer?

  • How to close a deal in the "bidding method" (without pushing and bothering)
    How not to be afraid to say no to the customer
    How to get a customer to get a call ready to close without a prior call
    How to save unnecessary talk time with a client and concentrate on closing work

  • Business Marketing

  • Explanation of easy-to-use design software (photo editing logo)

  • Where to get a lot of customers

  • What is the proven form of advertising to get a lot of work and where is it a waste of money

  • What to publish and in what form

Gourmet Breakfast
Spa Package
Private Pool

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